Installation of Odoo is really easy. We built a comprehensive library of best practices coded into a human readable installation protocol language called Ansible. Those protocols are well commented so you might find all the information you need right at the source.

What you need for a kickstart is:

ubuntu 14.04 LTS # A local Virtual Machine is recommended, you can find some preconfigured boxes at
if Windows == True: Oracle VirtualBox
sudo apt-get install ansible # you cann browse available protocols ("playbooks") here:
# Probably you should adapt them to your needs, they are all very well commented
ansible go # that's it


If you want start coding, we collected here some tools we love:

  • Pycharm
  • Vim
  • Vagrant/Docker Environment
  • A collection of useful and approved code snippets for your IDE: link here to a github
  • Xpath browser

(with links to further information)

Security and Performance

Advanced section, which is written in a way that lets the customer know, that this is all very secure and very performant, cutting edge technology


Here some vps, opennebula, amazon, private serverfarm, etc... stuff to guide (professionals) AND impress (customers)