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Welcome to the Odoo Documentation Homebase. Any question that might be left unanswered, you can ask the experts at forum.odoo.com. When you feel ready don’t hesitate to contact your nearby implementation partner. (Link) Below, we gathered together the most interesting articles for you. Enjoy the steep learning curve with which we aim to provide you here!


If you consider yourself a user, pleas note, that we have built in great walk-through into the software itself. You can just explore:

  • For Playing: Clean Database (link: demo.odoo.com/clean)
  • For Exploring: Full Demo-Database (link: demo.odoo.com/full)
Customers PwrUser/Consultant Web-Designer Developer
Welcome to Odoo Welcome to Odoo Welcome to Odoo Welcome to Odoo
Installation Installation Installation Installation
Apps Docu Apps Docu Apps Docu Apps Docu
  Tutorial: PowerUser Tutorial: Web-Designer Tutorial: Developper

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